We’re working together to create a platform where we can
learn more about our environment.

FishNTag started out as an initiative to track the movements of sailfish. The founder, Patrick Erler wanted to spread awareness and find out the movements of sailfish around the world. To do that, he got in touch with some local captains in Rompin who are going to participate in the pilot program to catch, tag and release fish back into the ocean.The project has been expanded to include all types of fishes.

How does tagging fish help conserve our lakes, rivers and oceans?

When we catch a fish, we record its weight, length and location before tagging and releasing. When the fish is re-caught somewhere else, it allows us to compare the data to find out if the fish is growing well, its migratory patterns and more. When we have this data, we can use it to spread awareness among the public and regulatory bodies to take action to preserve the rivers, lakes and oceans the fish depend on. The data we gain will also allow us to pinpoint the areas that we need to focus our efforts on.

The data gain through the program will also greatly benefit researchers and scientists studying the various species of fish and grant them a new treasure trove of data.